Avocado Face Mask for Dry Skin Recipes

For those of you who have dry or mature skin, avocado face mask for dry skin is a perfect addition to your homemade face mask. Avocados are featured a couple of natural potassium and oils, high in protein and consist both vitamins E, B, D, A and K.

This very simple avocado face mask works well on dry, wrinkled, mature, combination and normal skin. This face mask is perfect to use fresh, ripe, organic avocados.

You have to make sure that you mash it up into a creamy pulp. Unluckily, avocados do not last, so you have to make it if you want to use this mask. Avocado is also perfect for deep conditioning dry hair.
Avocado Face Mask Recipe for Dry Skin

Classic avocado face mask

This is the classic recipe which is perfect for those of you who have dry skin as it contains only 2 ingredients such as honey and avocados. Both of these ingredients are moisturizing. It is well recommended for you to use this recipe after you use brown sugar facial scrub.

This recipe is very simple as you just have to prepare ½ very ripe and soft Avocado. And then you have to prepare ¼ cup oh honey. You have to mash the avocado in the bowl and then stir in the honey. You have to use it to your skin and leave for 10 minutes. The last thing to do is rinsing your face by using cool washcloth.

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Ultimate moisturizing facial scrub

Avocado oil is wonderful carrier oil even though not many people know about it. You can get it from Amazon and then use a cotton ball in order to slather it on your face before you use makeup or once you have rinsed your face before you go to sleep.

It can also be used in scrubs and masks. It can be your favorite avocado oil facial scrub. The avocado oil moisturizes while the brown sugar exfoliates. You can double or triple it and apply it on your body also.

Apply 1 tablespoon avocado oil and also 1 tablespoon brown sugar. You have to mix the brown sugar and avocado oil and massage the scrub into your face in a circular motion. You can finish it by rinsing your face with warm water. This natural fruit face mask for dry skin is very easy to make and you can create it easily and affordable.

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