How to Deal with Dry Flaking Skin on Face

Dry Flaking Skin on Face

You can develop dry skin at any period of your lives but dry flaking skin on face can be the hardest to hide, and it will be getting worse and worse if you cover this up by using makeup.

At this article you will find how you deal with dry red/white flaky skin on face and achieve a healthy and radiant complexion.

Dry Flaky Skin on Face Nose Around Eyes Legs etc

Your skin usually contains natural oils which help in order to keep moisture in and the face will be hydrated. Meanwhile, a couple of aspects of everyday life even a couple of activities such as showering can remove these oils. Your skin can be left feeling and looking dry without natural oils.

Even though dry flaky patches on face can also be caused by hormone imbalances, medications or skin conditions, dry flaking is commonly caused by extreme weather conditions and incorrect skincare. So it is crucial for you to learn how to moisturize your face correctly in order to lock in moisture and protect your skin from dry flaking out.

Harsh ingredients causing dry flaky skin

Dry Flaking Skin on Face Causes and How to Get RidA couple of facial soaps cleansers can be actually too harsh for those of you who have very sensitive skin on face. If your skin feels dry and tight once you wash it, you probably use the wrong product for your skin.

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It is better for you to stick to fragrance-free and mild cleansers and prevent harsh anti-bacterial soaps which will dry your skin out more.

Avoid dry flaky skin by drying thoroughly

Dry Red or White Flaky Skin Patches on Face
Even though you will think that keeping your face damp will increase moisture, after the water evaporates, the skin on your face will be dryer than before. So you have to always moisturize and dry thoroughly after cleansing.

Meanwhile, you have to keep in mind that rough towels can be applied as exfoliators which can damage your skin that is causing irritation and further dryness. You have to always use a soft and clean cloth and you have to keep in mind to pat your face.

To lock in natural oils, you have to take shorter showers

Long and hot shower is perfect especially after a hectic day, but it will not be the perfect thing for your dry face. If you take long showers especially when you apply harsh cleansers will strip your face of its natural oils and you will notice that your face feels and looks drier after bathing.

It is better for you to use a mild and moisturizing cleanser and you have to keep in mind to use moisturizer after showering if you want to eliminate dry flaking skin on your face, nose, around eyes, etc.

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