How to Deal with Dry Skin Rash on Face and Neck

how to deal with dry skin rash on face and neck For those of you who have dry skin rash on face, neck and hands, it can be very uncomfortable, painful and itchy. A lot of toddlers and babies have heat rash which is only on neck and face area.

It will be worse if you scratch the rash by causing secondary bacterial skin infections which will need antibiotics and steroids for treatment.

So, in this article, you will find a couple of home remedies that you can use in order to deal with dry skin rash on your body.

How to treat

A lot of cases of heat rash on your body disappear within a couple of days. In order to get a quick healing, you can try a couple of following home remedies. You have to use an over counter cream which contains up to 1% hydro-cortisone. Calamine lotion is also perfect remedy that you can use to treat dry skin rash on face and neck. treatment for dry red itchy skin rash on face and neck

If you want to get painful or burning sensation, you can try using a cold compress. You can even use some ice in order to soothe your skin or you can wrap it up by using a towel if it is too cold for you.

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How to Prevent

There are a couple of skin care routine tips that you can use in order to prevent dry red skin rash on neck or face and neck during summer seasons.

You can wash your face by using a mild facial cleanser. It is perfect if you apply it twice a day. And then you can use cool water to cleanse it off and it is better for you to not scrub your skin by using a towel.

Facial lotions which contain glycerol or acid are also perfect to be applied. A lot of lotions and creams that contain both of these ingredients. You have to make sure that the product that you sue is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.

Olive essential oil is also the perfect skin remedy which will help you to soothe and avoid a couple of types of skin rash.

For those of you who have an Aloe Vera in your yard, you can use its gel to the parts of your skin which are prone in order to develop heat rashes. This remedy is also beneficial to prevent and treat red dry itchy skin rash on face and neck for your toddlers and babies.

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