What Diseases Cause Skin Rashes

Knowing Diseases that Cause Rash on Skin

A lot of dermatologists say that the skin provides a way to what is happening inside your body and diseases that cause rash on skin will deliver a more serious health issue.

The important thing is you have to know how to spot these warning signs earlier so the internal diseases that cause rash on your body can be treated successfully and before they will be a bigger issue.
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Common Signs

In a couple of cases, the skin can give you signs on diseases that cause rash before they advance and becomes more serious. For instance, a symptom will be known on your skin long after the disease starts causing damage internally.

There are a lot of nuances of your skin which could tell problem, but a useful of general skin changes signal an internal disease.


Unusual rash or a rash which does not respond to treatment or is given by fever, muscle aches, joint pain or other symptoms will indicate an infection or internal problem. A rash which is occurring on the lower legs and on the top of the feet do not respond to topical antifungials or steroids can be a sign of hepatitis C infection or necrolytic acral erythema.
can liver, heart, thyroid, sthma, lungs cause a rash


Many people occasionally will develop health condition that cause rash on skin from an allergy to a new medicine. Meanwhile, you have to consider monitoring the rash carefully because it will be a sign of a more serious problem which is known as DRESS syndrome. DRESS stands for Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms.

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This type of condition can appear weeks up to months after the start of a new medication which is making it very hard to diagnose. Dermatologists say this is serious medical condition potentially that will involve inflammation on the heart, liver, thyroid or lungs. They explain that it is crucial to consult a dermatologist for the right diagnosis if a rash is supported by swelling of the face or lymph nodes, fever or feeling of illness.


Dermatomyositis is a kind of inflammatory muscle which is connected with notable skin changes and is related in up to 20 percent of examples with a couple of internal cancers.

There are a couple of signs of these diseases that cause rash on skin such as raised and scaly bumps on your knuckles and a violet-colored rash which is located on the upper eyelids and in spaces which are exposed to sunlight.

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