Tips on How to get Rid of Dry Skin on Face

Thursday, January 7th, 2016 - Dry Skin

Your face has a skin which is especially sensitive that will lead to dry out quicker than the rest of your skin, so it is better for you to know how to get rid of dry skin on face. These are a couple of tricks and techniques that will be helpful for you on how to get rid of dry skin on face.

Apply warm water rather than hot water
How to Relief Dry Skin on Face
You have to keep in mind that warm water will make your pores relaxed and makes you easy to wash your face. Meanwhile, hot water will make your skin to dry out faster. When washing your face, the ideal temperature for water will be just a fraction warmer.

Hot water is perfect when you willing to get rid of your skin of dead skin oils and cells because heat is natural exfoliator, but if the skin on your face has been affected by dry spell, you have to stay away from hot temperatures.

If you do not want to use hot water on your face, you have to rise your face quickly by using cold water in order to reduce the heat lingers on your face. On very hot weathers, you have to come inside your home and splash your face by using cold water in order to cool the skin down. Your skin will be helped by the humidity in the air in order to retain some natural moisture, but you can be able to keep it even more if you can regularly cool down your skin.

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Apply mild facial cleansers only
Tips on How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Face
You have to remember that body soaps are very harsh for your face skin, so you have to apply a cleanser that specifically used for your face.

There are a couple of facial cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulfate which is a surfactant that is known to get rid of moisture. It is better for you to use non-sudsy cleaners or non-soap cleansers because they are safer.

You also have to prevent cleansers which are completed with added fragrances, because these cleansers sometime include a couple form of alcohol that is an astringent which can dry your skin out severely.

You also have to consider using a facial cleanser which contains ceramides. Ceramides is a kind of fatty molecule that is usually found on the outer layer of the skin of your face. Your skin will be helped to retain more moisture by synthetic ceramides. This is a perfect how to get rid of dry skin on face tips that will last forever.

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