What Causes Oily Skin on Face, Forehead, Nose?

Many people that have oily skin are wondering the factors what causes oily skin. They are searching for solutions in order to solve their problem. Oily skin will ruin your makeup, clog pores and this is pain if you deal with it.

You have to fight this problem by treating the root of the causes. Why is my face so oily all the time? These are a couple of factors on what causes oily skin on face, nose, or forehead.
what causes oily skin

Why is my Skin so Oily?

Usage of Cosmetic

Makeup is a perfect tool in order to cover oil, breakouts and acne. But you have to consider that what you put on your face is as important as how you take this one off. When it comes for you to choose cosmetics, it is better for you to choose for labels which have oil-free and non-comedogenic.

When you want to remove your makeup, you have to choose a quality toner in order to remove leftover gunk from the usage of cosmetic. It is well recommended for you to try Dermadoctor’s Litmus Test replenishing toner which is supported with glycolic and lactic acid that has been formulated in order to remove leftover dirt, to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and promote cellular turnover.

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Excess humidity is one of factors what causes oily skin. In humid areas, excess moisture and oil can be felt as soon as you walk outside. You have to make sure that you stay on top of your cleansing rituals in order to fight whatever nature throws your way.

It is well recommended for you to use Litmus Test glycolicacid facial cleansing gel for humid days. The buffered glycolic acid purifies and cleanses deeply and removing impurities which have been caused by makeup, pollution and excessive oils.
what cause oily skin on face forehead nose


Can food cause oily skin? You have to keep in mind that eating properly will bring a lot of benefits. But you have to consider that for a couple of people, consumption of high glycemic foods will bring to overactive sebum production. You can handle it by using Ain’t Mishbehavin sulfur acne mask which is a perfect tool in order to maintain shine-free skin.


What cause oily skin in adults? As you grow older, skin is in a constant state of change. You will be experiencing wrinkles and breakouts. It is perfect for you to find an acne blaster which does not age your skin. You have to try Litmus Test pH correcting and renewing glycolic acid facial moisturizer which will bring your skin back to the equilibrium.

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