Different Types of Skin Rashes and Symptoms

different types of skin rashes
Rash is not a particular diagnosis, so you have to know a couple of different types of skin rashes and also their symptoms. There are a couple of common skin rashes in children and adults such as diaper rash, poison ivy, eczema, athlete’s foot and hives, etc.

There are a couple of infections which cause rashes such as bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic. For those of your who have skin rashes, it is better for you to use over-the-counter products which will become helpful treatments.
types of skin rashes

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Suborrheic dermatitis is the most common rash which is affecting adults. This type of rash produces a red scaling sometime itchy eruption which affects characteristically the forehead, scalp, cheeks, brows and external ears.
list of how many different types of skin rashes are there

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or sometime called eczema is a common skin irritant which affects when you young that produces weeping and red itchy rashes on the inner aspects of your elbows and in back of your knees and also the neck, cheeks, ankles and wrists. This is one of different types of itchy skin rashes that are commonly found in patients who also have hay fever and asthma.
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Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a rash which is delivered on either with a substance which irritated directly to your skin or by contact with a certain chemical to which the patient is allergic uniquely. A couple of chemicals are both allergens and irritants.

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This rash refers to oozy and weepy and affects a couple of parts of your skins which have come in direct contact which is supported with the offending substance. There are a couple of common examples of contact dermatitis such as poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and reactions to costume jewelry which contains nickel.
common types of dry itchy fungal allergy skin rashes

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is the common types of skin rashes of irritant contact dermatitis which occurs in a couple of adults and most infants who wear diapers when urine and feces are in contact with your skin for too long.
different skin rashes

Stasis Dermatitis

This is an oozy and weepy dermatitis which occurs on your lower legs that have chronic swelling due to of poor circulation in your veins.


This is one of different types of skin rashes which do not ooze or weep and will occur on the elbows, scalp and knees. This type of rash produces silvery flakes of your skin which scale and fall off. This will be a big issue for you because it will bother your daily activity.

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