Dry Skin Rash Remedies that You Can Do at Home

Dry Skin Rash Remedies
Rashes on your skin are characterized by itchy and red skin, sometime accompanied by small bumps and also a couple of other changes in the color, texture or appearance of your skin and they will appear on a couple of parts of your body or be distributed widely on large portions of your skin, so you have to get the best dry skin rash remedies that you can apply at your home.

This irritating issue is caused frequently by a couple of problems such as psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, allergies, acne, mites, excessive sweating or contact with specific poisonous plants such as oak or poison ivy.

Detergents, soaps, cosmetics or shampoos which do not suitable for your skin can also cause dry skin rash. Rashes on face, neck, legs, etc can be a symptom of specific bacterial, fungal or viral infections too.

Dry Skin Rash Home Remedies

For those of you who want to deal with this irritation, you have to know these dry skin rash home remedies, but if it does not improve or eliminate within a couple of days, you have to consult your doctor.

Olive oil

Treatment for Dry Skin Rash on Face Neck Hands Stomach Back Legs Feet
Olive oil is a perfect skin moisturizer that works well for your skin. Extra-virgin olive oil promotes skin renewal and facilitates healing as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. This ingredient is going to soothe your skin and itching will be reduced.

  DIY Honey Face Mask for Dry Skin

If you want to make these dry skin rash natural remedies at your home, you just have to rub extra-virgin olive oil or equal parts of honey and olive oil which have been combined on your rash a couple of times daily until it completely heals.

Or, you can also add a little turmeric powder to a couple of olive oil and you can apply it three times a day for a couple of days. Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that will relieve itching and sooth rashes.

Baking soda

Natural Cure for Dry Skin Rash
Baking soda is one of the best dry skin rash medication that will help you dry out your skin rashes. And also, it will relieve inflammation and itching which are related with rashes.

First of all, you just have to add one part of baking soda into three parts of water. And then you have to apply the mixture on the area which has been affected. You have to wait it for about a couple of minutes before you cleansing it off. You can do this once in a day for a couple of days.

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