Reasons on What Causes Dry Skin on Face

The skin on your face is one of your most crucial body parts, but some of you may be wondering what causes dry skin on face. Meanwhile, when your facial skin becomes dry, rough and tight are the feelings that you can get, even scaly, reddened and itchy.

There are a couple of reasons on what causes dry skin on face and you have to understand how to solve this problem. There are a couple of factors for those of you who have dry facial skin. This will lead to the process of skin dehydration. The types of the dry skin will depend on intensity of these factors.
What Causes Dry Skin on Face

Dry Skin on Face Causes

External causes

All of the reasons what causes dry skin on face from the outside will lead to natural lipid surface barrier to deteriorate. After the barrier of the lipid is broken, the substances of moisture-binding are washed out easily and moisture can evaporate.

Because of the natural moisture factors are missing, much water cannot be held by the skin and becomes dry and the barrier of the lipid is repaired on the surface until they are replenished. If your dry skin it not handled with moisturizers which contain moisturizing factors, the deeper can be progressed the dryness into the facial skin and moisture networks will be disrupted in the deeper layers of your skin.

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External triggers

The important external triggers are inappropriate facial skin care daily activities and environmental triggers. Your face is exposed basically to these external causes much more frequently than the rest of the part of your body.

An environmental factor that can influence physiological change is cold. Natural skin lipids may be stripped away by a couple of soaps. It is well recommended for you to use suitable products for dry skin.

Genetic influences

Every human being has unique parts of genes that decide the characteristics of skin such as lipid, moisture and pigmentation levels. It means that, a couple of different people will feature different moisture and lipid levels in their skin, that is why many people are asking what causes dry skin on face under identical conditions.

For those of you who have fair-skinned are more likely to deliver dry skin than those of you who have darker complexions. And also you have to consider that a couple of diseases such as Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, diabetes, and sometime ichthyosis have a genetic link but not always.

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