How to Use Essential Oils for Skin Tags

essential oils for skin tags
It is important to know that there are many advantages of essential oils for skin tags. Of course, everyone does not want to have skin tags. However, skin tags may happen on check, eyelids, neck, arms, chest etc.

There are many ways to remove skin tags. However, essential oils should be the priority because of the effectiveness and safety.
essential oils to remove skin tags

Top Essential Oils for Skin Tags & How to Apply Them

Natural essential oils may come from fruits, flowers, bark, leaves, roots or other parts of plant. When it comes to essential oils for skin tag removing, you have to find the best ones to use.

Frankincense Oil

essential oils for skin tags moles warts dark spots clogged pores and skin growths
This contains amazing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is very beneficial for skin tags. Extracted from the resin of frankincense tree, this essential oil can help remove skin tags by making them fall off fast.

To apply this essential oil, you should place this oil on your fingertip. After that, apply it on your skin tags twice per day. However, you need to protect the healthy skin around it first with coconut oil to prevent burning.

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Tea Tree Oil

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It also belongs to essential oil for skin tag remedies recommended so much. This oil acts as antiseptic and disinfectant to fight bacteria, microbes and germs. As we know, they are the most common causes of skin tags. Besides, it also acts as potent astringent that can dry out your skin tags by causing them fall off quickly.

What you need to do is to tap it onto skin tags using a cotton ball. Before, you must protect the skin around it using moisturizer.

Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil can also be considered as one of the most powerful herb oils for skin tag treatments. This oil can soothe & calm skin effectively.

If you are interested in using this oil, you should combine 10 drops of this oil with enough water. Then, this mixture can be applied onto your skin tags. It can treat inflammation, rashes, allergies & irritation, redness, and also itchy skin problems. Even more, it is also very helpful to make skin tags fall off.

Lemon Oil

best essential oils to get rid of skin tags
From many essential oil benefits for skin tags, lemon oil can fall off skin tags effectively. Even more, this essential oil also has other benefits for your skin conditions. It can remove the excess skin oil & water, too.

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Lemon oil is photosensitive refrain. So, you have to apply it rightly and carefully. To apply this rightly, you need to mix 5 drops of this oil with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then, apply it onto the skin tags every night regularly.

Sweet Basil Oil

Another best option is sweet basil option. Contains medicinal properties, this oil also has nice herbal scent. With antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, this is very good for skin moles, warts, acne (blackhead/whitehead) and tags. To use this essential oil, you should mix it with castor oil and lavender oil before applying it onto the skin tags.

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