What Causes Dry Itchy Skin?

Your skin is the biggest and number one defense against any alien elements to your body. That’s why when you experience something unusual, it often affects your skin. And it often results to a dry skin. But you should know exactly what causes dry itchy skin on legs, face, arms, feet, hands, etc.

It’s mostly caused by outside elements, but what you eat and drink or what you don’t eat and drink also affect your skin health. See what causes dry itchy skin in these 5 list below.
dry itchy skin causes

Winter weather
When you hear winter, it sounds lovely at a glance. But what you don’t realize sometimes, winter cold weather is dry skin itching causes. Because when the temperature drops, the humidity level plunges too. Turning up the thermostat would make the air feels warm. But the humidity level still low. What you need is a humidifier inside your house to keep the air moist. And for activities outside the house, prep yourself with moisturizer for your face, lips, and hands. Wearing covers also help.

Bad shower (hot water, soap and too much scrub)
Bad shower habits may result to dry skin, moreover if you do it almost every time you shower. First habit is a steamy shower. It may give you a nice shooting sensation while showering, but what you get afterwards is dry skin and it cause itchiness. Because hot water dry out the natural oil in your body. Secondly, don’t use a harsh and strong soap. Choose mild soap, or soap specifically made for dry skin. Also scrub your skin gently to avoid your skin to exfoliate too much.

As hormone levels change over the years, skin becomes thin and parched. Aging happens to all people. And it’s what causes dry itchy skin. But it’s nothing to be afraid of. There’s no way to stop it. But you can slow it down by doing a moisturizing routine. Look for moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol in the ingredients.

Notice a dry skin and itchy skin after you wear your favorite sweater? It could be an irritation because of the fabric, the softener or detergent you’re washing it in. And it means that your skin is a sensitive skin as well. To be safe, use washing product with fragrance-free or dye-free label, or products that are specially designed for sensitive skin.

Eating habit and lifestyle
Your bad eating habit also likely what causes dry itchy skin. Water is the key. Lack of water can cause you so many metabolism problem, dry and itchy skin included. Regularly eating junk food or foods with not enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrition for your body could also be the cause of drying skin.

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