5 Top Products of Essential Oils for Dry Skin

essential oils for dry skin
There are many benefits of essential oils for dry skin. Usually, people think that the only way to remedy dry skin is by using moisturizer. However, there are some other ways to do. One of them is using essential oils.

There are many essential oils you can find today. Even more, essential oils are also available in various products that you can buy easily at stores.

Most Recommended Essential Oils for Dry Skin

One of the essential oil benefits for dry skin is to be able to remedy your dry skin effectively. If you are interested in it, you have to find the best product to use. Here are some of the recommendations you can consider.

Plant Therapy Soft Skin Synergy

best essential oils for dry skin
If you are looking for a softening synergy that comes with frankincense and turmeric, one of the most recommended essential oils for dried skin is Plant Therapy Soft Skin Synergy. This product costs around 12 dollars. It contains anti-inflammatory herbs that make it able to make your skin healthier.

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One of the contents in this essential oil is turmeric. As a versatile herb, this is beneficial to reduce inflammation. So, this essential oil is not only good for itchy dry skin but also mild eczema. With frankincense, it can soothe your dry skin and even heal irritation.

Edens Garden Age Defy Synergy Blend Essential Oil

essential oils for dry skin on face feet hands best natural moisturizer beauty oils
It also belongs to natural essential oils for dry sensitive skin. This product is a soothing blend that comes with helichrysum and sandalwood. It can also handle acne-prone skin.

Besides that, this is very effective to protect the moisture and also reduce inflammation. This blend consists of lavender, myrrh and rose essential oil. If you are interested in it, you can buy this at about 37 dollars.

Aura Cacia Essential Blend Body Oil

essential oils for dry feet hand face facial good for very extremely dry sensitive skin eczema
This calming body blend also becomes one of the best essential oil moisturizer products for dry skin. Comes with vanilla and cedar wood, it can stimulate healthy cell of your skin. Besides calming skin, it can also soothe the irritated skin.

Furthermore, it can also support healthy pigmentation. Besides that, it also has floral aroma that smells very nice. Anyway, it becomes an excellent product for you who have skin dry because of the good quality ingredients.

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MEVEI Nirvana Blend Essential Oil

essential oil for dry itchy skin
Comes with herbaceous scent, this essential oil product for itchy dry skin really works well. It meets ISO standards for skincare treatments.

The blend of this product contains patchouli and also clary sage so that it does not only treat dry skin but also balance sebum productions. It also comes with lavender to give calming effect.

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Roman Chamomile

essential oils that are recommended for dry chapped cracked flaky skin repair herbal body oil nourishing and balancing
This product combines jojoba and chamomile oils to make it excellent for calming dry skin. With cleansing properties, chamomile becomes anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory whereas jojoba oil becomes a good carrier since it is lightweight & virtually odorless. This blend can be used as a night serum to care for your dry skin.

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