What Causes Dry Itchy Skin on Face?

what causes dry itchy skin on face
Your skin is the first line of your body of defense against a couple of elements. When wind, sun and cold leave your skin itchy and dry, do not hide it under gloves and long pants. You have to replenish it.

If you want to get the type of sleek and smooth skin that you want to show off, you have learn a couple of these factors what causes dry itchy skin on face.

Possible Causes

Winter Weather

dry skin symptoms cause the skin to become scaly rough flaky that can lead to itching rash irritation
You have to keep in mind that the humidity level plunges too when temperature drops. Your skin will leave parched by dry air. If the weather starts to change, a lot of people are complaining to their doctors about dry itchy face causes. It will not help when you turn up the thermostat.

All you have to do is installing a humidifier in your home in order to keep the air moist. After that you have to set humidity at a constant 45% up to 55% and you have to set the temperature at 68 degrees of Fahrenheit.

You have to create the moisture barrier before you go outside. You have to protect a couple of most sensitive parts such as hands, face and lips by using gloves and a scarf.

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Steamy Showers

possible reason you feel itchy on your dry face
You have to setting your shower steamy which will make your boy soothe, but it will not make your skin harm. Many people probably like to stand is a really hot shower but it will dry out the natural oils in your skin more quickly.

You will get drier out if you linger in the shower for longer time. It is better for you to dial down the temperature of the shower to lukewarm and you have to keep showers short. Five minutes is the perfect time for you in order to get clean without over-drying.

Moisture-Robbing Soaps

causes of facial dryness itchy and rash
It is important for you to not put just any bar of soap into your shower dish because they are not the same at all. You have to wash your face by using a harsh soap and you will deliver the natural moisture barrier of your skin straight down the drain.

That is one of what causes dry flaky itchy skin on face that you have to consider, so it is well recommended for you to use a mild and fragrance-free soap which moisturize your skin. It does not matter if you use bar or liquid but you have choose a soap which formulated specially for dry itchy skin.

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