How to Choose Face Moisturizer for Oily Skin

face moisturizer for oily skin
For those of you who have oily skin, you probably think that moisturizer is bad, but this is wrong because believe or not, natural face moisturizer can help solve your problem and balance oily skin without doing damage.

Without this moisturizer, your skin will get dehydrated and will have result by producing more oil. It does mean that all of moisturizers will work the same well for you. These are a couple of tips that you can do on how to choose face moisturizer for oily skin.

Read the Label

good face moisturizer for oily skin
If you buy oil-free moisturizer, you have to consider that moisturizer will sometime features key words such as water-based, non-acnegenic, noncomedogenic and oil-free.

Oil-free products are more confused that you imagine because they have other ingredients which can clog your pores or your skin might be irritated.

The Ingredients Should be Examined

moisturizer for oily skin
For those of you who have oily skin should check out the ingredients which can both harm and help their skin. Products which are based on water should have a word which ends in –icone like silicone as one of the first ingredients.

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Dimethicone is sometime used as a replacement for petrolatum that is oil-derived. Dimethicone is both mattifying and moisturizing that means it can help you to control shine and grease.

Oily skin can sometime be thick and dull, so you have to choose products with ingredients which will aid in cell turnover. These ingredients include glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid. You have to prevent products which include cocoa butter, paraffin or oils.

Texture is Important

best oil free moisturizer
You have to consider that moisturizer for oily skin come in a couple of different forms. From heaviest to lightest, these include lotions, gels and creams. You have to keep in mind that when choosing them you also have to consider about the different properties.

Other Products you Use Should be Considered

how to choose face moisturizer for oily skin
You have to consider that oily skin can be acne-prone that means you have to use drying and harsh anti-acne products. Moisturizers which also handle breakouts will be a perfect option for you if you are not using other anti-acne products.

Check Out SPF

It is well recommended for you to check out a face moisturizer for greasy skin which also protects your skin from the sun. A lot of people who have oily skin worry that sunscreen will damage shine and greasiness.

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