How to Deal with Severe Dry Skin on Face

For those of you who have severe dry skin on face or hand, you surely want quick recovery. It is not about what you put on it when it comes for you to ease your dry face.

There are a couple of factors that you have to consider such as the air around you, the way you clean your skin and even your clothes. You can try a couple of these tips in order to soothe your dry face.
severe dry skin on face

Warm Water is Perfect

According to dermatologist Andrea Lynn Cambia, MD, hot water is not good for your dry skin, while a steamy shower will be a good idea for you. The issue is that how water strips your body from its natural oil barrier, while the barrier is very important in order to keep your skin moist and smooth and to help trap moisture.

So it is ideal for you to use warm water. A lot of skin care experts say that it is good idea to use short and warm showers or baths which last no longer than 5 up to 10 minutes. After that, all you need to do is moisturizing your face.
severe dry skin

Rinse Gently

It is well recommended for you to wash by using a soapless cleanser when you wash your face. Andrea Lynn says that gentle soaps which are free of fragrance are a perfect option. Do not use products which contain deodorant or antibacterial additives that will be harsh of your skin face.

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You also have to consider a cleanser which contains ceramides. Ceramides will make up the outer barrier of your skin face because it is fatty molecules. Ceramides will help your skin face hold in moisture. A couple of skin care products use synthetic ceramides in order to replace those skins that you lose with age.

Do not use peels, toners and other astringents which are made with alcohol that is drying. Do not scrub too hard or too much when you exfoliate. Your thicken skin can be irritated.
severe dry skin treatment and remedies

Smartly Shave

Shaving can also make severe dry skin on face. If you shave unwanted hair, natural oils can also be scrapped. The perfect time if you want to shave hair is after you shower. You have to always use a shaving gel or cream and you have to shave your hair in the direction its growing in order to protect your skin face.

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