4 Major Internal Diseases That Cause Itchy Skin

If you find some itchy spots on your body, usually you think, “Maybe it’s allergy.” Yes, allergy is one of the causes of itchy skin. But it’s not the only one. Internal disease can also cause itchy skin. And it’s indeed worse than just an allergy. And here are those internal diseases that cause itchy skin.
What Diseases Cause Itchy Skin

Diseases That Cause Itchy Skin

Liver Diseases

Liver disease is one of the internal diseases that cause itchy skin. Primary biliary liver cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, B and C viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, carcinoma of bile ducts, alcoholic cirrhosis are among the hepatic disorders with pruritus.

Pruritus is a medical term of itchy skin. Some medical expert suggest that the itchiness come from the bile acids in the blood (cholemia) or skin. But the exact cause is still unknown.

Renal Diseases

Pruritus is a common symptom of chronic renal insufficiency and it’s often intolerable. 15% of patients with renal diseases have pruritus. And about 40-50% of patients withrenal disease undergoing dialysis also experiencing pruritus. Similar to the liver pruritus, the cause is still poorly understood. But the symptom is still there.

Blood Diseases

There is a very long list of blood or hematologic diseases. Not all of them causing pruritus to the patients. But disease like polycythemia vera, the bone marrow disorder which cause too many red blood produced, can cause itchy skin, often times after having contact with water like having a hot bath.

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The itchiness comes from the large release of histamines in the blood. Another blood condition like iron deficiency, hemochromatosis or Hodgkin’s disease also cause itchy skin.

Diabetic Diseases

Diabetes is another internal diseases that cause itchy skin. Occasionally, diabetic patients are having pruritus in localized area such as scalp, the genital area, or perianal area. Poor control of the diabetes, dry skin and drug administration are the most common reasons of the itchiness. Abnormal parathyroid gland activity may also cause pruritus.
Itchy Skin Liver, Renal, Blood, Diabetes Disease

Nevertheless, the internal diseases that cause itchy skin comes from a complicated state of the body and the disease itself. You’ll need more time and effort to diagnose whether your itchy skin indicate an internal disease.

People say that it’s best to prepare for the worst. But in this case, you need to see a doctor to be 100% sure about that. The itchiness on your skin might be caused by internal disease, but let’s not start from that. A diagnosis from doctor is best rather than a not accurate self-diagnosis.

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