Skin Rashes Caused by the Sun Symptoms & Causes

Skin Rashes Caused by the Sun
Polymorphic light eruption of PMLE is skin rashes caused by the sun exposures. You have to consider that this is not similar to sunburn. PMLE is not dangerous, but it can be embarrassing and itchy.

PMLE sometime occurs during the spring time or on a sunny holiday when your skin is not used to sunshine. There are a couple of treatments in order to deal with skin rashes caused by the sunlight (essential oils for skin rash).

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Polymorphic Light Eruption

PMLE is specific rash which occurs in reaction to sunlight on your skin. The name of PMLE comes from polymorphous eruption that means a rash which has a couple of forms. This can look different in a couple of people even though it usually looks similar each time this PMLE occurs in the same people. PMLE cannot be caught and you do not have to worry because PMLE is not connected with skin cancer.

The rash follows a specific pattern. PMLE usually happens when you first get sun on your skin once a long time period without much sunshine. This sensitivity to sunlight happens commonly during spring time or if you have a sunny holiday on winter time.

PMLE affects people of 20 up to 40 years old. PMLE commonly happens in women. The issue is more common in a couple of countries which have temperate climates such as North America and Northern Europe.

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Skin Rashes Due To Sunlight


You have to consider that sunlight contains a couple of types of rays or radiation. A couple of factors which can cause this kind of skin rashes are visible light and ultraviolet light or UV.

Visible light and UV can pass through glass, so the possibility of getting PMLE is huge because you can get exposed to strong sunlight through the window of your home. It often occurs after exposure to fluorescent lighting.

There is no further information how the sunlight causes PMLE, or why a couple of people get PMLE while others do not. It is connected to an immune system reaction in your skin in specific people.

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The symptom of skin rashes caused by the sun happens after being in strong sunlight. The rash can be triggered after taking 20 minutes of strong sun. The symptom is usually occurs within a couple of hours of the sunshine exposure.

The rash looks like skin which is reddened which is featured small raised or small blisters. It sometime feels burning or itchy to your skin.

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