How to Eliminate Dry Itchy Skin on Face

Dry Itchy Skin On FaceIf you feel like you scratching all the time at the skin on your face, it is because itchy skin on the face is a common problem which affects a lot of people, so you have to know how to eliminate dry itchy skin on face and forehead, eyes or around mouth.

It depends on the severity, so it can be annoying to disrupt sleep and daily activities. There are a couple of causes of itching such as insect bites, allergic reactions, dry winter weather, skin infections, steamy showers, soap and detergents and even a couple of medications (read: dry itchy skin face causes).

Scratching will lead to infections and injuries. A lot of effective home remedies can bring you relief from flaky or red dry itchy spot on face and avoid complications which have been used by excessive scratching. These are a couple of top ways in order to get rid of it.

Dry Itchy Skin on Face

♦ Baking Soda

Dry Itchy Skin Around Face Forehead Mouth EyesBaking soda is one of the popular home remedies for itchy skin on the face. Baking soda features a soothing effect because of its anti-inflammatory features. And also this stuff can be used as a natural acid neutralizer which helps to relieve itching on your face.

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In order to make it, you have to add one cup of baking soda into a bathtub which is filled with cool water. And then you have to stir it in order to distribute the baking soda thoroughly. This water should be soaked in for about half an hour. You have to leave it dry.

If you want to cure the localized itching, you have to prepare a paste by blending three tablespoons of baking soda by using a tablespoon of water. You have to apply the paste on the areas which have been affected and wait for about 10 minutes.

♦ Cool Water

Dry Itchy Red Flaky Skin Patches On Face Mouth ForeheadApplying cool water on the skin which has been affected can bring instant relief from dry itchy skin, because the sensations of both itching and cold go to the same nerve fibers in your body.

There are a couple of ways in order to use cool water for dry itchy skin patches on face. First, you can run cool water over the skin which has been affected for as long as you want.

The second one is you can run the ice cube which has been wrapped in a cloth over the area which has been affected. The third way is you can take a cool bath or shower. And the last one is you can use a cold compress by using cool water to the area which has been affected.

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