Dry Skin Rash on Hands Treatment to Relieve Irritation & Itching

Dry Skin Rash on Hands TreatmentRashes are common bumps or outbreaks which are found on your skin and can be either spread over a larger area or be localized, so it is better for you to apply dry skin rash on hands treatment in order to deal with the itching and irritation.

Skin Rashes also sometime accompanied by redness, cracked skin, itching and inflammation. They also have a couple of causes such as specific disease, mosquito factors, psychological factors, fungal, bacterial or viral infections, allergies, environmental irritants, dry skin and exposure to the sun.

At this article you will find dry skin rash treatment that you can follow in order to deal with rashes on your skin.

Dry Skin Rash on Hands / Arms Treatment

►OTC products

Dry Skin Rash On Palm Or Top Of Hands TreatmentIf you think that your rash is caused by allergies, you have to choose for over the counter products which have been designed in order to treat allergic skin rashes such as hydrocortisone creams and oral antihistamines. Another choice is you can try a calamine lotion that will relieve the irritation and itching of the rash.

►Ice compress

Red Dry Skin Rash On Hands TreatmentIf you want to apply one of the easiest ways in order to eliminate a rash which is caused by hives, heat, poison ivy, insect bites or a couple of same things, you can use a cold compress or you can wrap a couple of ice in a towel. Cold non-skimmed milk can also be used in order to help with this too.

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►Skin care routine

Best Way How To Cure And Get Rid Of Dry Skin Rash On HandsYou can wash your face or hands in the morning by using clean cool water and mild soap and then you have to wait it air dry. When it comes for you to shower, you have to scrub your skin thoroughly and then you can cleanse it.

You have to follow this by using a lotion which contains both glyceryl stearate and stearic acid. You also have to make sure that the lotion does not hard antiseptics or hard chemicals. It is ideal for you to repeat this process three times a day.

►Olive oil

Dry Skin Rash On Hands RemediesOlive oil is perfect ingredient in order to help eliminate rash because pores will be opened up that is turn regulate the air flow on your skin and it also works as a natural cleanser.

In order to use this dry skin rash on hand remedy, you have to wash your hands or arms by using warm water and after it is dry completely, you can put this essential oil to your hands and wait for about two hours before cleanse it off.

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