What To Use For Dry Itchy Skin Around Eyes

What To Use For Dry Itchy Skin Around Eyes?

The symptoms of dry itchy skin around eyes are not good and definitely are not comfortable at all. Itchiness, dryness, soreness, flakiness, irritation and even swelling can be side effects that are commonly happened.

Knowing the exact cause is not always simple. There are a couple of usual suspects such as irritants in cosmetics, harsh shampoos which run down your face during shower, harsh facial cleansers, sunburn and soaps.

You have to take action whatever the cause maybe. You have to be proactive and caring for eliminate dry itchy skin on eyelids by using the right techniques that will help you restore and maintain your healthy looking skin.

What To Do

What To Do For Red Dry Itchy Skin On Eyelids

Remove any irritants

The first step that you have to do is removing anything from your face care regime which will be drying your skin out and making the issue worse. A couple of make-up removers can draw out moisture from your skin that is sometime more noticeable in a couple of sensitive areas such as the area around your eyes.

It is better for you to use a gentle and alcohol-free makeup remover in order to prepare your skin for the next step. You have to keep in mind to prevent getting any product in your eyes directly.

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Keep it clean

What To Use For Dry Itchy Skin Under and Above Eyes
You have to make sure that you wash your face every day, and you have to pay attention to the eye area. Warm and fresh water will help you in order to make sure that all oil, dirt and irritants are removed from your face.

You have to remember that harsh cleansers and soaps will be a cause of red itchy skin around your eyes, so you have to choose a soap-free cleanser of face wash which will not dry your skin out.

Apply Vaseline Jelly

After your skin is dry and clean, it is better for you apply a moisturizer to your skin which will help you keep moisture in and keep your skin from drying out. Applying a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly under your eyes will lock in moisture and a protective barrier will be formed.

The layer of protection is going to stop cold weather and irritants so you will not get the worst problem ever. The real fact is, if you apply petroleum jelly for your dry itchy skin under / above your eyes regularly, it will help you to speed up the dry skin healing process.

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