How to get rid of Dry Itchy Flaky on Face

Dry Itchy Flaky on Face
One of the types of problem on the skin on your face is dry itchy flaky on face. It happens because your face skin is the thinnest of your entire body that makes it fragile and easy to damage.

Dry itchy flaky skin on face can be embarrassing when your skin is peeling off literally. Luckily, you do not have to worry about suffering from this disease. It can be a problem that you will face year-around while your skin will be drier in the winter seasons when there is less moisture in the air. You can get rid of your dry itchy flaky rash on face by using a little rubbing, scrubbing and relaxing.

How to get rid of Dry Itchy Flaky on Face

Step 1

First of all your face should be exfoliated a couple of times per month. You can use a washcloth for baby and warm water in order to scrub your face gently by using small and circular motions in order to remove the dry flaky red itchy patches on face. You have to consider that the baby washcloth is softening than regular washcloth.

Step 2

You have to pick the right facial cleanser. Check out for a couple of products which do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate that depletes moisture from your skin. You have to choose products which are fragrance-free and have the label of Moisturizing.

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Step 3

In this step, it is better for you to use whole milk on your face in order to help heal the dryness. The lactic acid is a mild cleanser and the fat milk is moisturizing. And then you have to moisten the washcloth for baby with milk and you have to massage it over your face in order to cleanse and moisturize.

In order to remove flakes from your skin, you have to soak a washcloth for baby in cold milk and it should be laid over your face and wait for about 10 minutes. It is perfect for you to moisture your face at least twice a day.

Step 4

Use a thick moisturizer into your skin within a couple of minutes of exfoliating, showering or washing your face in order to help seal in moisture.

Step 5

You have to give your face a dose of hydration by using a bi-weekly face mask. And then you can rub Aloe Vera gel into your skin. You have to leave it for about 15 minutes before you cleanse it off by using warm water. After that you can say goodbye to dry itchy flaky on your face.

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